To raise awareness on cybercrime issues, the Counseling Unit of the Student Affairs Office hosted a talk entitled 'Cyber Aggression vs Cyber Bullying'. About forty attendees consisting of staff and students from UTB attended the talk delivered by Dayang Siti Nor Izuana binti Ayob, Cybersecurity Awareness Officer from BruCERT.

As the use of technology has evolved and on the rise, the attendees were briefed on the different types of cyber aggressions and ways to report or block cyberbullying on social media platforms.

According to Dayang Izuana, cyberbullying is unavoidable, including cyber-assaults, slander, misappropriation of likeness, defamation, and false light breaches of privacy.

The attendees are reminded to be vigilant when online and advised to report to BruCERT if they encounter any cybercrime issues. Among other problems that can be reported to BruCERT are infected computer, malicious website, hacked email account, phishing, business email compromise, cyberbullying, website defacement, denial of service, and social media that involves scam.