Why Study Abroad

Broaden your horizons

Overseas internship can be one of the most beneficial experience for you as a student. By going abroad, you will have the privilege of experiencing the differences in culture, living and lifestyle, and the latest technologies. When abroad, you will also have the opportunity to travel its neighboring countries with their natural wonders, museums and landmarks.


Expand your learning

Overseas internship will offer loads of opportunities for you to get involved in broader knowledge, it will inspire you to be an independent and become a critical thinker. You may have access to specialist area that are not available at UTB, or you may discover various information and technologies that are different to our country. Immersing yourself in different cultures will give you a completely new perspective on your studies and may enable you to make your own contribution, and can also provide you with the self-motivation to enhance further study.


Hone your skills

Living independently in a foreign country and meeting people from different backgrounds can be challenging. However, it gives you a chance to discover yourself and grow to become a confident person. You will have to find your way around, introduce yourself to new friends and learn how to cope with any situation.  You will find yourself able to communicate, innovate and collaborate in ways that allow you to build global connection with international friends; developing better life skills which is rewarding and beneficial for your growth and future career and the new chapter of life.


Enhance your career

Overseas internship will provide you with a platform to widen your horizons professionally, socially and personally, and also give you a competitive advantage that can differentiate you from others competing in the same job market. In this age of globalisation, employers are looking for talented graduates with an international perspective, those who can build a network of international contacts, embrace new ideas, and demonstrate broader skills. These qualities you have attained by working abroad can really set you apart from other graduates.


Experience once in a lifetime journey

Life is not a destination, but a journey. Being abroad is a journey unlike any other. Explore, grow and develop with an incredible overseas experience. You will be able to experience many new activities and interests that you have never discovered before. You’ll also have the chance to meet new lifelong friends from different backgrounds. Furthermore, you’ll be given the opportunity to enjoy a completely new way of life!

Overall, the whole journey will open your eyes to the world and make you different.

Choosing overseas internship is the turning point that changes everything!

Find out from our students how they’ve made the most of their time abroad.


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