Categories and Eligibility Criteria

Categories & Eligibility Criteria for Overseas Placements

To be eligible for the overseas placement, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. a registered full-time undergraduate degree student;
  2. pass all previous year’s modules;
  3. attained an average of at least 70% and above in the previous year*;
  4. meet the specific requirements of the host universities or work placements.

* For the Faculty of Engineering, students are expected to achieve Year 2 average of at least 70% and also Semester 5 average of 70%.

The final number of offers may be determined by a quota established for the session. The quota is based on the availability of funding during the session. If there are more applications than places available in a session, a shortlisting process will be done. Shortlisting will be based on academic merit and eligible students will undergo an interview. Shortlisting may also include achievements through the Student Achievement Passport. Shortlisted students are categorised as:

1.Fully-funded students[1]:

In order to qualify for full-funding, students must:

  • be a Brunei Government Scholar or In-Service Trainee[2] and
  • meet criteria (a) – (d) above and are at the top 10% of the cohort.

2.Self-funded students:

  • Students that meet the criteria 5(a), (b) and (d) and achieve previous year’s average of at least 55%

[1] Fully funded: Funding could be through

  • MOE Scholarship Scheme or
  • Private scholarships by external agencies and/or MOUs with international universities.

[2] An in-service trainee would also be required to meet the requirements and regulations as determined by the Public Service Department.


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