Welcome to the International and Public Relations Office


The International and Public Relations Office (IPRO) was established in 2009 under the new University organisation structure. Currently, IPRO is under the operational jurisdiction of the Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Industry & Services) Office.

To help achieve the University’s vision, IPRO plays an important role in delivering the Strategic Objective: Promote Synergy between UTB and Stakeholders under the Strategic Focus Area, Quadruple Helix Engagement in the UTB Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023, by creating collaborative and integrated partnerships, and to provide modes of engagement and mutual partnerships.

IPRO main functions are to manage external communications and brand reputation; and facilitate local and international collaborations through formal partnerships.

For more enquiries, please contact;

  • ipro.office@utb.edu.bn – for General Enquiries
  • ipro.international@utb.edu.bn – for Campus Visits & international matters
  • newsletter@utb.edu.bn – for UTBPulse & media related matters


Functions & Roles in IPRO

  • To improve, enhance and consolidate the role, functions and image of the University both nationally and internationally;
  • To provide the agenda and mechanics for the operationalisation and advancement of various forms of internationalisations;
  • To provide assistance to any parties within and outside the University on any matters related to the internationalisation and public relations of the University;
  • To liaise closely with all parties within and outside the University as well as the University’s partner institutions and international organisations of which the University is a member;
  • To further enhance the national and international image and reputation of the University.


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