IMechE Speak out For Engineering National Heats 2017

Are you looking for an opportunity to develop your presentation skills? Are you a talented public speaker looking for a new challenge?

Enter Speak Out for Engineering to compete for cash prizes

Speak Out for Engineering is a competition designed to help develop verbal and visual communication in explaining technical mechanical engineering related subjects. However, if you are already a talented public speaker then the competition is your chance to demonstrate your skill!


Who can enter

The competition is open to any Affiliate, Associate or Young Member of the Institution who has been professionally registered for ten years or less.



Competitors are to give an oral presentation on a mechanical engineering related subject. Presentation slides, materials or props can be used to support a presentation.


What do competitors have to do?

Competitors are required to prepare a written presentation summary of 200 words maximum, which should be sent to the organiser when notification is given of the intention to enter the competition. Failure to submit the synopsis may invalidate the entry. The presentation must be made by an individual regardless of whether the subject is part of a group technical project. Judges will expect more experienced competitors to have developed presentation skills and their marking assessment will reflect this. A winning entry in any year is not eligible for entry in subsequent years.


Competitors must give an oral presentation on a mechanical engineering subject to be broken down as follows:

Presentation length: 20 mins

Discussion and questions from judges: 10 mins

90% of the total marks are given for presentation with only 10% for technical content. This ensures that, while all presentations must have mechanical engineering content in its broadest sense (e.g. purpose, research, design, feasibility, and practicality), all presentations have the same chance of success despite varying degrees of technical content. The decision of the judges on the award of the prizes shall be final and no correspondence can be entered into.


Competition winners will receive:

1st Prize: £300 and certificate

2nd Prize: £200 and certificate

Contact for more information and registration


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