08 October 2020 – Twenty-four participants of Executive Development Programme for Senior Government Officers underwent a one-day training arranged by Huawei Technologies (Brunei) as part of the 28th Executive Development Programme for Senior Government Officers (EDPSGO) which is organised by Public Service Department (JPA) in collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB).

As Brunei is moving closer towards digital transformation, the training entitled Digital Economy and Industry Innovation under the ICT Wave was designed for the participants to have a better understanding on the development trends of new ICT technologies (such as Mobile Internet, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence), how they penetrate into each level of the economy and society, and how to realise the growth of the national economy through industry innovation of the traditional industries.

The training was facilitated through an online platform by Simon Tsang, Senior Consultant and Learning Facilitator from Huawei where he introduced about the digital economy as a new form of economic and social development following agricultural economy and industrial economy. An overview of how digital economy uses digital knowledge and information as key production factors, uses modern information network as an important activity space, and uses information communication technology (ICT) as an important driving force for efficiency improvement and economic structural optimization was also explained.

The digital economy not only drives rapid economic growth and promotes global trade, but it also improves the quality of economic growth, accelerates the transformation and upgrade of the real economy, and also facilitates entrepreneurial innovation and energy saving and emission reduction.

The training commenced with a welcoming remark by Mr. Kevin Zhang Jianwei, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Huawei Technologies in Brunei which took place at the Fawaz Room, Library Complex, UTB.

The training concluded with a virtual tour of Galileo Exhibition Hall where the participants were able to experience the virtual reality (VR) simulation hosted by the experts from Huawei Headquarters in Shenzhen on the ICT leading technologies.

A similar training by Huawei for twenty-five participants of Executive Development Programme for Middle Management Officers will also be conducted on 5 November 2020 as part of the 29th Executive Development Programme for Middle Management Officers (EDPMMO). The training will focus on AI and Big Data Enable National Digital Economy Strategy that introduces the current status and future development of global AI & Big Data; compares the industry policies of typical countries and governments in AI & Big Data; introduces typical applications of AI and big data in government management, citizens’ livelihood improvement and enterprise Management.

The 28th Executive Development Programme for Senior Government Officers (EDPSGO) and 29th Executive Development Programme for Middle Management Officers (EDPMMO) were officially commenced on 18 August 2020 at Lecture Theatre 2, Library Complex, UTB.

Both programmes include a blended learning approach comprising of interactive lectures and webinars from both local and international facilitators, study visits, talks, community outreach activities as well as attached at a different working environment. These programmes will be facilitated by experts from various local and international universities and organisations as well as industry practitioners including Huawei Headquarters in Shenzhen.





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