Research Thrusts | Green Technology

Green Technology refers to environmental friendly technology based on its production or utilisation, as well as alternative energy production less harmful to the environment as compared to more traditional methods such as fossil fuels. The main aim of Green Technology is to contribute towards environmental sustainability and to reduce the carbon footprint and carbon emission.

Research in the Green Technology area includes alternative energies, EE&C, green buildings, green chemistry from the core engineering perspective; energy economics and enterprising of environmental-friendly products from the business management perspective; and green computing from the ICT perspective, communication and education. Core-disciplined research has been done in many of these areas and under the umbrella of the Green Technology thrust, research can be increased at a more broader and multi-disciplined approach, and at a bigger scale.

There are currently 6 Research Clusters under the Green Technology Research Thrust:

Green Technology Research Thrust Leader

Professor Dr. Fushuan Wen

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