The Graduate Studies & Research (GSR) Office


The Graduate Studies & Research (GSR) Office provides the operational environment for graduate studies, research and publications of Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB). The GSR Office aims to contribute to the University’s strategic aims and to ensure UTB becomes a premier centre for quality education, research and innovation.

To ensure Graduate Studies and Research at the University is relevant and productive, the GSR Office encourages strong and vibrant links with Government Departments and Industries, and provides support to the research activities of University staff. The GSR Office aims to further improve the day-to-day management of graduate studies and research and ensure quality control of both the graduate programmes and research activities. The GSR Office supports the University's endeavour to achieve recognition in research, creativity and innovation in order to contribute to intellectual, economic and social development, both nationally and internationally.

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The Graduate Studies & Research Office
Universiti Teknologi Brunei
Jalan Tungku Link BE 1410
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Since its official upgrade to University status in 2008, UTB is in the exciting process of transforming from an institute nationally renowned for its strong academic programmes to a leading university of Engineering and Technology of high academic and research calibre at both national and international levels.

UTB has established itself as a reputable institution at both national and international levels. Coupled with the ever-increasing staff with high academic and research capabilities, it is now catering for the production of professionals at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Suitable applicants are now invited for enrolment into our Graduate programmes leading to Masters and Doctoral degrees.

UTB currently offers the following graduate programmes:


Masters by Research and PhD:

Closing date of applications for August enrolment is 31st May.
Closing date of applications for January enrolment is 4th September 2017

Application portal is available at here

Dean of GSR

Professor Dr. Guo Zhenren

Deputy Dean of GSR

Associate Professor Dr Mohammad Rakib Uddin

Assistant Registrar

Hjh Mariam binti Haji Abdul Rahman

Research Coordinator

Dr Asem Kasem