19 April 2019 – An engineering competition entitled ‘Connecting Engineering’ was co-organised by Institution of Mechanical Engineers of UTB Student Chapter (IMechE UTB SC) with Institution of Mechanical Engineers Curtin Miri (IMechE Curtin Miri). The competition was held at the Curtin University Malaysia in Miri, Sarawak. This was their very first collaboration organising a competition together.

A group of fifteen students from Mechanical Engineering Programme Area, Faculty of Engineering, UTB and seven committee members from IMechE UTB SC led by Yang Mulia Awang Tang Dun Hao, Chairperson of IMechE UTB SC with Yang Mulia Ir. Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Modin, a representative from IMechE Brunei Group and a group of fifteen students from Curtin University Malaysia and fourteen committee members from IMechE Curtin Miri participated the event.

The one-day event began with a talk presented by three speakers namely Yang Mulia Dr. Julia Jolly, the Chairman of Miri Occupational Safety and Health Practitioner Society (MOSHPS) and owner of Maju Training Centre presented who spoke ona Safety; Yang Mulia Ir. Haji Abdul Rahman talked about Career in power generation; and Yang Mulia Mr. Chua Yaw Long, lecturer from Universiti Tenaga National (UNITEN), Malaysia presented on Creativity.

The event proceeded with a competition that involved Engineering Drawing, Building a catapult, Speed pairing and Newspaper tower. The students were divided into three teams of five members to represent each University. The teams were evaluated by a panel of judges which include Yang Mulia Dr. Aja Ogboo Chikere, lecturer from Curtin University Malaysia and Ir. Haji Abdul Rahman.

First Place went to a team UTB receiving Cash Prize sponsored by IMechE Brunei Group and certificate and the fourth and sixth place were also won by members from UTB. The students learnt the importance of engineering drawing in industries, the concept behind the catapult structure and the basic practical requirements of building such as calculation, variables, theories and principles involved.

The purpose of the competition was to contribute towards professionalism through collaboration of other engineering institutions and shaping the future of engineers.

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