12th March 2020 – To honour Self-Injury Awareness Day (SIAD), the Counselling Unit of Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) is currently promoting Self-Injury Awareness Month for the second consecutive year.

The Self-Injury Awareness Day (SIAD) is celebrated on the first day of March every year. It is an international awareness event that is meant to learn about self-injury behaviors and to provide resources to those who are in need of help. Self-injury is a non-verbal communication that an individual, child or adult, is in pain.

The Counselling Unit at UTB believes that by having this campaign, it will help to raise awareness about self-harm within the community, by helping to understand, removing judgement and fear; to reduce the number of people who feel alone and suffer from the silent behavior; to know the factors that may increase risk of self-injury; to know the signs and symptoms of self-injury, and to know who to go to if a friend or family member displays the signs of self-harm.

According to Ms. Nasyhea Abdullah, Clinical Psychologist and Counselling Officer at UTB, reasons given for self-injuring are diverse where individuals who self-injure report that feeling over-whelming negative emotion or emotional pressure are the most common triggers. Ms. Nasyhea also advices that if anyone or anyone you know self-harm themselves, they require to seek medical help or a mental health professional in which they can help you find better and safer ways to cope.

An orange ribbon, representing a sign of hope for a misunderstood problem, symbolises this awareness day. Digital display showcasing a slide show about self-injury are available around the campus to mark this important campaign. UTB is also incorporating a research component by inviting the students to a self-injury survey. This is because self-injury is prevalent among college students, but few seek medical help.

About 500 orange ribbons are currently being distributed around the University Campus for staff and students to encourage awareness of self-injury at the University. UTB Staff and students are encouraged to wear orange ribbon, wristband, tie, socks, shirt, scarf or other forms of clothing in March to shed the spotlight on the importance of the campaign.

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