Environmental Science

In 21st century we are in a dire need to address the environmental problems due to rising global population coupled with declining resources of the planet. This ever increasing resource consumption has resulted in a changing climate on Earth reshaping our lives together with our environment. Aim of this research group is on identifying environmental impacts and suggesting efforts to balance the resource needs with the sustainability of our environment.

Environmental engineers and scientists need to cut across the traditional boundaries of engineering and science, learning to integrate knowledge across many different fields and the research areas. This made the Environmental Science an interdisciplinary subject integrating nearly all engineering, science and humanities disciplines.

The challenges of environmental management including but not limited to the following areas addressed by this research cluster:

  • adapting to climate change
  • identifying business impacts of climate change
  • mitigating impacts of natural disasters
  • studying threshold levels of environmental impacts
  • conserving ecosystem and natural resources
  • relating business and resource conservation
  • preventing pollution
  • modelling of watersheds, rivers, estuaries and coastal zones
  • modelling of climate, hydrology and floods
  • sustainability studies

The following are the active research projects:

  • Dr. Uditha Ratnayake & Zuliana binti Haji Nayan – Impact Identification and Sustainability of Storm Water Drainage System of Sungai Brunei Catchment under Climate Change.
  • Guo ZhenrenShahirar ShamsPg Dr. Saiful Baharin Pg Hj DuramanRozeana Hj Md JuaniHasnanizan Hj Md TaibAsmaal Muizz Sallehinn bin H.M. Sultan & Zuliana Hj Nayan – Water Quality Formation Mechanism of Brunei River and Its Numerical Modelling.
For interested research collaboration, research scholarships and/or graduate study opportunities, please contact the cluster leader or the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research:

Dr. Uditha Ratnayake

Cluster Leader
E: uditha.ratnayake@utb.edu.bn

  • Research Interests:
    • Hydrology, Hydraulics, Flood Modelling and Mitigation, Climate Change, Geographic Information System.

Professor Dr. Guo Zhenren
Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
E: guo.zhenren@utb.edu.bn

  • Research Interests:
    • Environmental Hydraulics; Water Quality Monitoring and Management, Integrated Management of Coastal Zones, Water Resource and Environmental Engineering.
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