18 January 2020 – An engagement session entitled Research at UTB: The Way Forward was held at the Lecture Theatre 2, Library Complex, UTB. The session was conducted by the Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Research), Yang Mulia Professor Dr. Hasnain Isa. The session was attended by lecturers and staff of the University.


Professor Dr. Hasnain touched on the importance of doing research and its impact on education as it is in line with one of UTB’s strategic focus areas, Translational Research which hopes to strengthen the impact of applied research, transform research into tangible products and enhance technopreneurship culture and enterprise.

He also encouraged the academics to register with one of the University’s research thrusts. The research thrusts include Agrifood, Society & Enterprise, Energy, Sustainable Built Environment, Digital & Creativity, and Wellness.


Presentations on each research thrusts were presented by the research thrusts leaders and representatives to the audience. The session concluded with a question and answer session.

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