11 May 2019 – UTB Administrative Staff attended Minute Taker’s Workshop at the Training Room of the University. The workshop was organised by the Centre for Communication, Teaching & Learning (CCTL) as part of the Administrative Staff Development Programme and was facilitated by Yang Mulia Ms. Thulasimani Munohsamy.

The objectives of the workshop were to understand the role of the minute-takers before, during and after a meeting; appreciate the importance of clear and accurate minutes; to take effective notes in meetings; to write clear, accurate, and useful minutes; and to increase the confidence of drafting accurate minutes and reports.

Accurate minutes of meeting is essential for any successful organisations. Taking minutes of meetings involves listening skills and the ability to absorb information and summarize it simultaneously. Therefore, this workshop was designed to enhance the necessary skills needed for minute taking. The participants shared their experiences on the challenges faced when taking minutes. The facilitator explained the necessary information needed for minute taking and in the second part of the workshop, the participants conducted meeting simulation and wrote minutes based on the meetings conducted.

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