4 November 2019 In instilling Brunei’s national philosophy amongst the Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) community, Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB), an MIB Exhibition was held at the Concourse Hall, UTB.

Seventy students from their respective schools and faculty joined to exhibit their group projects about MIB as part of their assignment for MIB module. The exhibition features a variety of Brunei’s traditional games, musical instrument, dishes and desserts such as ‘Pasang‘, ‘Gulingtangan‘, ‘Ambuyat‘, and ‘kueh bahulu‘ respectively. Fashion design, theatre, short film/documentary depicting MIB values were also being showcased at the exhibition.

MIB is the country’s national philosophy which greatly influence the Bruneian way of life that have been in practice for hundreds of years. According to Dr. Malai Yunus bin Malai Yusuf, UTB MIB lecturer, it is the most definitive formula which leads to a harmonious community and a blessed country as a whole. “It comprises of Islam as a guidance in a daily activity, the good Malay values which is unique to us with the cultural values and the political system which is an absolute monarchy that guarantees political stability” said Dr. Malai Yunus. He also added that it is of utmost importance to uphold and sustain the MIB values especially for the young generations, he feels this can be done by the right approach in stimulating their interest to learn and understand MIB.

This exhibition hopes to attract students’ interest on MIB subject by focusing on creativity. It is to have a fresh outlook on MIB teaching and experience as well as the aims to educate the students on the importance of preserving traditions and culture of Brunei.

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