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In this increasingly globalized world, Effective Communication and Language has identified to be the one of the significant causes of conflict in our interactions with others. Communication has the ability to bring about positive and negative changes to communities and society as a whole. Understanding the processes behind these interactions can help us identify crucial issues. Research has shown that in addition to our own parental and familial experiences, education also plays a significant role in harnessing this behavior and interactional skills.

On November 7th, 2014, UNESCO’s Director-General, Irini Bokova in her address on the eve of UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable development, maintained that “Education is the strongest way to shape the new values, skills and behaviours we need to build a more sustainable future for all”.

More nationally, this research cluster also addresses the issues as it pertains to Bruneians as we navigate the global realm. Indeed one of the educational policy of the MOE’s strategic plan is to adopt best practices in the areas of teaching and learning to ensure Bruneian prospers to the highest global standards and developing into highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce within the country’s human resource.

As such, this research cluster will focus on three main themes, Communication, Language as well as Teaching & Learning in interdisciplinary fields across education and the professional context to meet the needs of UTB and Brunei as a whole. In addition to this, our members are also active in their pursuit of understanding the role of the English language as a communicative tool inside the classroom specifically related to spoken and written works.

Objectives of Communication & Education research cluster:

  1. To make a significant contribution to the research activities of UTB both nationally and internationally
  2. To investigate aspects of communication and its impact on teaching & learning across the various disciplines in UTB
  3. To facilitate the organisation and management of the communicative process in education and the workplace
  4. To translate research findings into effective policies and best practices in communication
  5. To facilitate and coordinate participation within the cluster as well as other research clusters in order to develop a positive research culture in UTB

The following are the active research projects:

  • Dr. Lee Kok Yueh – A Genre Analysis And Corpus Based Study Of Lectures In Universiti Teknologi Brunei.
  • Dr Lee Kok Yueh – Students’ experiences with marking coursework using rubrics.
  • Thulasimani Munohsamy – Engineering English: Meeting the Demands of Workplace- Students & Employers Perception.
  • Hjh Shanafizahwatty Hj Mat Salleh – Investigating the use of reflective writing in developing communication skills.
For interested research collaboration, research scholarships and/or graduate study opportunities, please contact the cluster leader or the respective researcher:

Hjh Shanafizahwatty Hj Mat Salleh
Cluster Leader

  • Research Interests:
    • Intercultural Communication, Interactional aspects in Leadership and teamwork Communicative issues between gender roles.
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