The trophy has been designed and produced at UTB. The shape of the trophy represents a modest yet strong foundation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) that forms an essential element of the nation's vision towards a sustainable economy. The shape also represents a generation with a competitive mindset and a resilient awareness of the economic challenges. Taking recourse into the creativity and innovative nature of this talent pool will enable us to fulfill the national aspirations towards economic diversification.

The robust and minimalist design of the trophy - achieved using locally found materials- signifies the nation's emphasis on a creative approach that leads the nation to be regionally and globally competitive while utilising its limited resources. The logo at the top of the trophy symbolises the commitment of the CIPTA Award towards creating multiple avenues for innovation and invention.

The austere form of the trophy provides an inspiration towards achieving the national 'Vision 2035' and thus elevate us in the global setting.