11 AUGUST 2018 – The Crown Prince CIPTA Award 2019 Competition roadshow for the Temburong District was held today at the Multi-purpose Hall, Bumiputera Main Complex, Bangar, Temburong.. The aim of the roadshow is to raise public awareness of the ongoing CIPTA 2019 competition and stimulate interest amongst students and the public to participate in the competition.

The roadshow was attended by the Assistant District Officer, Md Khairul Shahrul bin Haji Duahim; school teachers and students, and members of the public.

At the roadshow, Dr Aida Maryam binti Haji Basri from the CIPTA 2019 Technical Committee delivered a presentation on the categories of competition, rules and regulations, prizes and awards, important dates, the judging process, and examples of projects submitted in previous CIPTA competitions. There was also an open forum at the end of the presentations where the attendees asked questions and obtained clarifications on the competition. Mini exhibitions comprising of past CIPTA projects were also showcased at the roadshow.

The deadline for participating in CIPTA 2019 is on 31 October 2018. More information can be obtained from

CIPTA 2019 is the seventh installment of the biennial competition organized by Universiti Teknologi Brunei, in partnership with Brunei LNG Sdn Bhd, as the main sponsor.

The Crown Prince CIPTA Award Competition objectives are to inspire the youth and public to develop creative products, processes or technology for national and ASEAN aspirations; to encourage inventions and innovations from the participants; to recognise and award creative talents in the country as well as at ASEAN level; to encourage research and development in Brunei Darussalam; to promote industrial and manufacturing processes, technological products development, commercialisation and entrepreneurship in Brunei Darussalam; to motivate and instill the culture of science, engineering and technology to the youth and the public; and to foster collaborative linkages within Brunei Darussalam and the ASEAN region. The competition is open to all schools, technical and tertiary academic institutions, government and private organizations and the general public.

There are three main categories namely: ‘Local Categories’, ‘Smart Junior Competition’ and ‘ASEAN Categories’.

The Local Categories comprise of three categories: ‘Category 1: Creating New Product, Process or Technology’, ‘Category 2: Modifying Existing Product, Process or Technology’ and ‘Category 3: Creating New or Modifying Existing Product, Process or Technology by Young Inventors’.

The Smart Junior Competition is open to lower secondary school students or equivalent, with the age of 12-14 years old by 31st October 2018. Each group of participant(s) must submit a report which captures their innovative idea on a new technological product or process which could improve our quality of life. The objective of this competition is to encourage and promote creativity and innovation among the younger generation.

Whilst the ASEAN Categories are comprise of two categories which are ‘New Invention & Innovation Category’ and ‘Young Inventor Category’.


The winners for Category 1 and Category 2 will receive:

1st Prize          – B$ 6000.00 cash, a trophy & certificate

2nd Prize         – B$ 4000.00 cash, a trophy & certificate

3rd Prize         – B$ 2000.00 cash, a trophy & certificate

Two Consolation Prizes – B$ 500.00 cash and certificates

The prizes for Category 3 are as follows:

1st Prize          – B$ 3000.00 cash, a trophy & certificate

2nd Prize         – B$ 2000.00 cash, a trophy & certificate

3rd Prize         – B$ 1000.00 cash, a trophy & certificate

Two Consolation Prizes – B$ 250.00 cash and certificates


Winners in the Smart Junior Competition will receive:

1st Prize          – B$ 1000.00 cash & certificate

2nd Prize        – B$ 800.00 cash & certificate

3rd Prize         – B$ 500.00 cash & certificate

Two Consolation Prizes – B$ 200.00 cash and certificates


New Invention & Innovation Category

Best Invention & Innovator     – B$ 6000.00 cash & Trophy

Young Inventor Category

Best Young Inventor               – B$ 3000.00 cash & Trophy



Winners from the Local Categories in Category 1 and Category 2, and in the ASEAN Categories – New Invention & Innovation Category are eligible to compete for the Crown Prince Special Award with the grand prize of B$8000 and Trophy.

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