UTB was established in 1986 and since it was upgraded to a full university status in 2008, UTB has been able to position and develop itself as an institution of higher learning in the country and region. UTB ranks among the world’s top universities within 10 years after being upgraded to a university. UTB is the only QS 5 Stars rated engineering and technology university in Brunei Darussalam offering internationally-accredited programmes with vibrant campus experience where students can excel academically, socially and professionally. Through broad-based and globally-oriented education, we strive for excellence to deliver 360˚+ graduates with creativity, self-responsibility, leadership, and employability skills to prepare them to become the leaders of tomorrow. UTB achieved another milestone in the QS World University Rankings (QSWUR) at number 379, evaluated against 1,620 institutions from 82 countries around the world. It has risen by an astounding 63 places from its first appearance in the QSWUR last year at 442. In the 2020 edition of QS Asia University Rankings, UTB is among the top 200 universities ranked at 137 climbed 44 places among 557 institutions across the continent. UTB is the first university in the country that successfully acquired the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification by Bureau Veritas.

In terms of academic programmes, the university has attained accreditation from the British Computing Society (BCS) for all degree programmes under the School of Computing and Informatics as well as accreditation from the Joint Board of Moderators (JBM) for degree programmes offered by the Civil Engineering Programme Area, Faculty of Engineering.  The Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Accounting and Information Systems programme of our university is accredited by Association of Chartered Certifies Accountants (ACCA) and also part of ACCA Accelerate programme which provides an option for our students to obtain ACCA qualification within their study period in Universiti Teknologi Brunei. UTB currently offers 25 undergraduate degree programmes including its part-time degrees and 10 Master’s Degrees and PhD programmes.

Today, UTB has some 1,408 students including 79 MSc Students and 36 PhD students, and 141 faculty members. To date, UTB has produced over 5,141 HND, 295 HND Level 5, 1784 undergraduates and 199 Master’s degree graduates.

UTB invites suitably qualified candidates to join our School of Design for the positions of Lecturer, Assistant Professor and Senior Assistant Professor under the areas of specialisations:


  • Architectural Design
  • Heritage Studies, Urban Design and Culture in Architecture
  • Environment and Sustainability in Architecture


  • Design Practice in Product Design
  • Design Modelling in Product Design
  • Material Technology and Science in Product Design


At least Upper Second-class Honours degree, Master’s (preferably Distinction) and PhD qualification or equivalent in the relevant field.

  1. Lecturer
    Minimum PhD qualification.
  1. Assistant Professor
    Minimum PhD qualification with at least 5 years’ experience in teaching and research at an institution of higher education, with showing advancement in teaching, research, publications and community service for salary scale PT2; holding similar post for considerable years at higher education institution with having excellent record of teaching and research, have held management position such as Dean/Deputy Dean or Head/Assistant Head of Department for salary scale PT2A. Candidate having experience in the supervision of Master’s degree students will be ab advantage.
  1. Senior Assistant Professor
    Minimum PhD qualification holding an equivalent post at an institution of higher education or post of Assistant Professor on a salary scale PT2 for a minimum of 7 years/Assistant Professor on a salary scale PT2A for at least 4 years, with rising reputation in the field of specialisation, an excellent record of teaching, research and publication and showing high capacity in administration at the level of Programme Area/Faculty/Centre. Candidate should also has experience in the supervision of at least Master’s degree students.


  1. The appointment will be on a permanent basis for citizens of Brunei Darussalam. For non-citizens, appointment will be by contract for a period of three years which is renewable subject to mutual agreement.
  1. The base annual salary range is as follows:Lecturer                        :     B$38,280 – B$50,880
    Assistant Professor         :     B$46,560 – B$67,320
    Senior Assistant Professor:    B$70,800 – B$73,320
  1. The monthly academic allowance is as follows:Lecturer                         :    B$200.00 per month
    Assistant Professor          :    B$250.00 per month
    Senior Assistant Professor:    B$300.00 per month
  1. (a). Bonus payment after each 12 months of satisfactory service: 1 month salary for Lecturer/Assistant Professor; ½ month salary for Senior Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor.
    (b).  Gratuity payment: 25% of last drawn monthly salary x 36 months at the end of the contract. Payable at the end of the contract. All allowances will not be included in the calculation of gratuity.
  1. Other benefits:
    1. Subsidised Education allowance is based on the amount claimed but not exceeding B$800 per month for each child studying overseas. This rate includes claim for accommodation. However, if the fees do not include accommodation, it will be based on the amount claim but not exceeding $400 per month for each child. The Education allowance is for the contract officer’s children from the age of 5 to 21. The education allowance claim is for up to 4 children (but only 2 for concession passage). If a child receives other assistance towards his education (e.g. a scholarship, grant or maintenance allowance) the amount of education payable will be reduced. For instance, if the education allowance is B$400, owing to the other assistance amounting to B$300, the Government will only pay $100.
      The rate of education allowance for private schools in Brunei [except the government owned Jerudong International School (JIS)] is $120.00 per child per month. The education allowance for children schooling in JIS will be paid directly to JIS. Contract officer will have to top-up the difference between the allowance and the actual school fees if the amount exceeds $800 per month.
    2. Children’s concession passage up to 2 children who are paid education allowance under category of ‘student studying at boarding schools outside Brunei’. The return passages from the place of domicile to Brunei in each calendar year of service.
    3. Subsidised housing [staff contribute B$130 per month]. Newly join staff will be required to stay in a transit hotel in the first instance, with a daily service charge of B$2.00 for adults and B$1.00 for children under 12 years old.
    4. Free medical service at government hospitals and health centres for contract officer and accompanying spouse and children below the age of 18 years old subject to payment of a small registration fee for each visit. There will be charges for certain dental procedures. Medical treatment at overseas will be borne by contract officer;
    5. Interest-free car loan of B$15,000 for Senior Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor and B$12,000 for Lecturer/Assistant Professor to be paid within the contract period.
    6. Annual leave of 48 days for contract officers and 42 days for citizens. The leave entitlement must be taken within the appointment.
    7. Passages for incoming, mid-term, and homeward passage by the most economical class and most direct route for contract officer and accompanying spouse and four unmarried children below the age of 18 years, if any.
    8. Shipping of personal effects: On the first appointment, the officer may claim on arrival in Brunei the cost of transporting personal effects by sea freight for himself / herself, spouse and four children below the age of 18 years old, if any, from the nearest port in country of domicile to any port in Brunei. The amount is 1.2 cubic metres for the officer, the spouse and each of the children who are 12 years old and below the age of 18, and 0.6 cubic metre each for the children who are below the age of 12 years old. On a final completion of a contract, the officer will be eligible for the transportation of personal effects by sea freight from any port in Brunei to the nearest port in country of domicile up to 4.5 cubic metres. This amount is for the whole family. [Sea freight charges only are payable by the Government and all incidental expenses such as transportation, packing, crating, casing, insurance, port dues and others are the responsibility of the officer].
    9. Baggage allowance: The Government will meet the cost of excess accompanied baggage for government paid passages for going and coming back for the contract officer, spouse and four children below the age of 18 years old, if any. The amount is 20 kilos for the officer, spouse, and each of the children who are 12 years old and below the age of 18 years old and 10 kilos each for the children who are below the age of 12 years old.
    10. No personal income tax in Brunei Darussalam.


Completed application forms together with copies of academic certificates and transcripts, comprehensive curriculum vitae with the names and addresses of four referees, teaching portfolio, research portfolio, h-index, citation, and number of listed publications (Scopus) should be sent to:

Registrar and Secretary
Universiti Teknologi Brunei
Jalan Tungku Link
Gadong BE 1410


Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Local applicants should complete the application form for local applicants, whereas non-locals applications should complete the application form for non-local applicants. Interested local applicants working with Government Departments should submit their application form through their respective Head of Department. The Head of Department is to provide a copy of performance appraisal form for the last three consecutive years and up to date service record.

Application forms can be downloaded here:

Applications must reach the Registrar and Secretary’s Office, Universiti Teknologi Brunei by Thursday, 06 February 2020.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.




Universiti Teknologi Brunei sukacita mempelawa pemohon-pemohon yang berminat dan memenuhi syarat-syarat kelayakan seperti di bawah bagi mengisikan jawatan kosong di Universiti Teknologi Brunei:

BILANGAN IKLAN    : 06/2019
Jawatan                  : Ketua Estet
Tanggagaji            : UB.5 ($5,900 sebulan), kumpulan 1
Bahagian                : I
Kekosongan          : Satu (1)



  1. Pemohon mestilah terdiri daripada rakyat Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Baginda Sultan dan Yang Di-Pertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam.
  2. Pemohon mempunyai pengetahuan tentang kerasmian Ugama Islam, Adat istiadat Negara, Adat Resam dan Kebudayaan Orang-Orang Melayu Brunei, Perkembangan Sosial, Ekonomi dan Politik Negara Brunei Darussalam.


  1. Mempunyai Ijazah Sarjana Muda dalam bidang Arkitek atau Kejuruteraan atau Ukur Bahan atau Bangunan atau Pengurusan Estet (Estate Management) yang diiktiraf oleh Kerajaan Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Baginda Sultan dan Yang Di-Pertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam.DAN
  2. Mempunyai pengalaman tidak kurang dari 10 tahun dalam bidang dan jurusan Arkitek atau Kejuruteraan atau Ukur Bahan atau Bangunan atau Pengurusan Estet (Estate Management).

Mempunyai kelulusan yang lebih tinggi dalam bidang Akitek atau Kejuruteraan atau Ukur Bahan atau Bangunan atau Pengurusan Estet (Estate Management) adalah merupakan satu kelebihan.

2.     Mempunyai keahlian dalam badan Profesional yang bersesuaian yang diiktiraf oleh Kerajaan Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Baginda Sultan dan Yang Di-Pertuan Negara Brunei Darussalam.
3.     Mempunyai pengalaman dalam penyelarasan, pengurusan dan pemeliharaan estet dan bangunan adalah merupakan satu kelebihan.

Hendaklah terlebih dahulu menyediakan dua (2) kertas kerja yang asli (original) yang memuaskan pihak panel penilaian, berkaitan dengan tugas pegawai tersebut, dalam dua daripada bidang-bidang berikut sebagai satu penilaian kenaikan pangkat:

i.         Kertas Pembaharuan Perkhidmatan Awam

ii.        Kertas Kedudukan Pendirian Negara bagi mesyuarat di luar negeri

iii.       Kertas Penggubalan/Penelitian Dasar

iv.       Laporan Tahunan Jabatan

v.        Penyediaan Peruntukan Jabatan

vi.       Kertas kerja yang berkaitan dengan bidang masing-masing

Kertas kerja yang telah disediakan hendaklah disahkan terlebih dahulu oleh Setiausaha Tetap/Ketua Jabatan masing-masing sebelum dihadapkan kepada Lembaga Pemilihan Bagi Lantikan Kakitangan Pentadbiran, Teknikal dan Perpustakaan Kanan, Universiti Teknologi Brunei.


5.     Mestilah mempunyai Laporan Penilaian Prestasi di tahap SANGAT BAIK bagi tempoh 3 tahun kebelakangan. Mempunyai Laporan Penilaian Prestasi di tahap CEMERLANG dan mendapat sokongan yang kuat dari Setiausaha Tetap atau Ketua Jabatan adalah merupakan satu kelebihan.


Ketua Estet adalah bertanggungjawab kepada Naib Canselor dalam perkara-perkara berikut:

  1. Membantu Naib Canselor dalam membuat perancangan dan pengurusan pemeliharaan kemudahan Universiti.
  2. Memastikan masyarakat Universiti disediakan dengan keadaan yang selamat, selesa dalam menjalankan tugas harian bagi mencapai matlamat pembelajaran dan penyelidikan.
  3. Memastikan pengurusan yang berkesan dan cekap dalam pemeliharaan bangunan, alat hawa dingin, perabot, keadaan sekeliling, letak kereta, keselamatan dan kenderaan.
  4. Mengurus kakitangan Bahagian Estet sebagai sebuah unit yang berkesan dalam memberikan khidmat untuk masyarakat Universiti.
  5. Membantu dalam kerja-kerja pengurusan dan pengendalian projek yang dijalankan oleh Universiti atau pihak Konsultan.
  6. Bertindak selaku penyelaras dalam perhubungan dengan jabatan-jabatan Kerajaan mengenai perkembangan pembangunan dan perancangan.
  7. Lain-lain tugas seperti yang diaturkan oleh Naib Canselor dari semasa ke semasa.



Borang permohonan serta keterangan lanjut boleh diperolehi dengan memuat turun dari laman sesawang di sini.

Borang permohonan yang telah lengkap diisikan berserta dengan (1) kurikulum vitae (C.V.), (2) salinan kad pintar, (3) salina slip gaji, (4) salinan sijil pencapaian akademik berserta transkrip dan (5) dokumen-dokumen yang berkenaan hendaklah dihantar ke alamat berikut:


Rujukan Iklan: UTB/S5/1.6.6/2019

Tarikh tutup bagi menghantar permohonan ialah pada 06 Februari 2020 jam 4:00 petang.

Bagi pemohon-pemohon yang terdiri daripada pegawai dan kakitangan yang sedang berkhidmat dengan Kerajaan hendaklah menghantarkan permohonan melalui Ketua Jabatan. Ketua Jabatan hendaklah menyertakan bersama satu Laporan Sulit mengenai peribadi dan mutu kerja pemohon, dan Penilaian Prestasi 3 tahun kebelakangan (sekurang-kurangnya SANGAT BAIK) serta pengesahan salinan Rekod Perkhidmatan dan Rekod Cuti yang lengkap.

Semua permohonan hendaklah lengkap dan dihadapkan tidak lewat dari tarikh tutup iklan. Borang permohonan yang diterima setelah tarikh tutup iklan tidak akan dilayan.

Hanya pemohon yang disenaraipendek (shortlisted) sahaja akan dihubungi dan dimaklumkan mengenai proses temuduga.

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