9 March 2019 – A Graduate Engagement Talk workshop was organised by the Career Office and the Centre for Communication, Teaching and Learning (CCTL) for the UTB students and graduates. The half-day workshop was held at the University Campus.

The aim of the half-day workshop was to discuss on the challenges encountered by graduates when seeking employment; to understand the career interests of graduates; and to explore ways in which the University can assist graduates seeking employment.

The workshop began with an introduction by Yang Mulia Awang Hj Ady Syarmin bin Hj Md Taib, Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Industry and Services) followed by presentations from Yang Mulia Dr Anil Laxman Pathak, the Dean of CCTL. The topics discussed include Moving up the Career Ladder which focused on how to think from an employer’s perspectives and job seekers projection of image to employers. The second presentation was on Writing Job Applications and Resume, this presentation looked at ways to organize and use impactful language in covering letters and resume.

In the discussion, graduates pointed out that one of the challenges encountered when seeking employment was that most employers only willing to hire those who have experience rather than fresh graduates. Suggestions on ways to increase marketability amongst graduates were also shared during the workshop.

Yang Mulia Awang Hj Ady Syarmin also stated that seeking for jobs are competitive therefore graduates need to be proactive and equip oneself with necessary skills to stand out from the others.

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