18 May 2019 – The Counselling Unit hosted a stress-releasing workshop, Calm Your Brain for students who are feeling the pressure seating for their exams. The sessions were held from 8-18 May 2019 at the Campus.

According to the facilitator, Clinical Psychologist and Counselling Officer, Yang Mulia Ms. Nasyhea Abdullah that it is necessary to take a break from revision in order to continue working efficiently therefore the workshop only lasts around thirty minutes which is the perfect time to help them feel rejuvenated when they go back to their revision.

The Calm Your Brain workshop was one of the group sessions that was organised by the Counselling Unit since February this year as part of the mental health awareness initiative which aims to improve students’ mental well-being by increasing their knowledge and understanding of the determinants, nature, impact, prevention and management of mental health issues within the university context.

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