12 MAY 2018 – A one-day Retreat for the Administrative and Technical Staff was held at the Wafa Hotel & Apartment, Annajat Complex. The retreat was organised by the Registrar and Secretary’s Office, and facilitated by Dr Fahmi bin Ibrahim, Deputy Dean UTB School of Business, and Madam Thulasimani A/P Munohsamy @ Munusamy, Lecturer from the Centre for Communication, Teaching and Learning. The event was attended by 72 staff from the Staff & Students Centre, Bursar’s Office, International and Public Relations Office, Student Affairs Section, Faculty of Engineering, UTB School of Business, and School of Computing and Informatics.

The objectives of the retreat were to develop a fuller understanding of UTB’s Values, Vision and Mission; to foster better relationships among staff members from different sections, divisions, age, and experience; to re-energise and motivate staff members; to strengthen team spirit among all the staff; to inculcate effective communication skills and to manage expectations at work.

The participants fully engaged themselves in the ice breaking and teambuilding activities of the retreat theme ‘Bond Together. Work Together.’ Throughout these teambuilding activities, they have learnt a lot on teamwork, communications, leadership and trust. The participants also had the opportunity to get to know each other better and understand each other’s strength, weaknesses and interest through a personality test profiling. It is also observed that they felt integrated, energised, and motivated when they were given tasks.