Dr. Mohammad Nurul Islam

Position(s) |
Senior Lecturer
Office | 1A.45
Phone | +673 2461020 Ext 1221 Fax | +673 2461035/6
Email | mohammad.gafur@utb.edu.bn

Mechanical Engineering |



  • PhD

Career or Professional Bodies

  • Fellow, IEB, Bangladesh
  • Fellow, BSME, Bangladesh


Current Teaching Module

  • B. Sc. Engineering course modules: Engineering Thermodynamics; Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Thermal Power Systems.
  • Foundation Degree Course modules: Engineering Thermodynamics and Elements of Engineering Plants.
  • HND course modules: Air Conditioning Plant.


Research Areas of Expertise

  • Advanced Thermodynamics;
  • Renewable Energy;
  • Pyrolysis of Biomass Solid Wastes;
  • Solar Thermal Systems;

Research Cluster

  • Energy and Environment


Other Achievements/ Most Prominent Publications

A total of 77 publications of which the following 14 are in the last 5 years:


  • Islam, M. N., Solar Drying System for Jute Fibre, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing Co. Germany, (2011).

International Journal Papers:

  • Islam, M.R., H., Hanau, Islam, M.N. & Uddin, M. S,“Thermochemical conversion of sugarcane bagasse into bio-crude oils by fluidized bed pyrolysis technology”, Journal of Thermal
    Science and Technology, Vol. 5, No. 1, (2010).
  • Joardder, M.U .H., Uddin, M.S. & Islam, M. N.,“The Utilization of Waste Date Seed as Bio-oil and Activated Carbon by Pyrolysis Process”, Advances in Mechanical Engineering,
    Hindawi Publishing, Vol. 2012, ID 316806, (2012).
  • Uddin, M.S., Joardder, M.U.H. & Islam, M. N., “Design and Construction of Fixed Bed Pyrolysis System and Plum Seed Pyrolysis for Bio-oil Production”, International Journal of Advanced
    Renewable Energy research, Vol.1(7), pp.405, (2012).
  • M.A. Islam, N.R. Dhar, M.N. Islam, “Effect of minimum quantity lubrication technique on temperature, chips, surface roughness and whell condition in grinding alloy steel”, Journal of Engineering and Applied Science 2 (1), RUET, pp. 1-9,
  • Islam, M.N., Rahman, M. & Hoque, S. M. N., "A Comparative Study on the Fixed Bed Pyrolysis of Different Biomass Solid Wastes”, Journal of Energy and Power Engineering 7 (7), David
    Publishing, pp. 1250-1256, (2013).
  • M.N. Islam, U.H. Joardder, S.M. Hoque, M.S. Uddin, “A comparative study on pyrolysis for liquid oil from different biomass solid wastes”, Procedia Engineering Vol. 56, Elsevier Publishing,
    pp. 643-649, (2013).

International Conference Proceedings:

  • Islam, M.N., Hoque S. M. N & Joarddar, M.U. H., “ Fixed Bed Pyrolysis of Date Seed Waste for Liquid Oil Prodcution”, Proceeding of the 8th International Conference on Mechanical
    Engineering, ICME2009, Dhaka, December, 2009.
  • Joardder, M.U.H. & Islam, M. N., “Fixed bed pyrolysis of plum seed waste for Liquid oil production”, Proceeding of the Seventh Jordanian International Mechanical Engineering Conference
    (JIMEC7), Amman, September 2010.
  • Hasan, S.M. & Islam, M. N., “Generation of alternative energy from the exhaust air in industry by using wind turbine”, Proceeding of the International Conference on Mechanical,
    Industrial and Energy Engineering 2010), Khulna, December 2010.
  • Joardder, M.U.H., Islam, M. N., Uddin, M.S. and Hasan, M. Islam, M. N., “Pine seed pyrolysis for liquid oil production”, Proceedings of the 4th KKU International engineering
    Conference 2012, Khon Kaen, Thailand, May 2012.
  • Islam, M. N. “A comparative study of the pyrolysis for liquid oil production”, Proceedings of the 5th BSME International Conference on Thermal Engineering 2012, Dhaka, Bangladesh,
    December 2012.
  • Islam, M. N., Yazdani, M. G. and Omarali, S. R. “ Selection and characterization of biomass solid wastes for its pyrolytic conversion to liquid fuel in Brunei Darussalam”, 8th CUTSE International Conference 2013, Curtain University, Sarwak, Malaysia, December
  • M. H. Bakar, N. Ahmad, M. N. Islam and F.N. Ani, “Characterization of biomass solid Wastes of Brunei Darussalam for their pyrolytic conversion into liquid oil”, Proceeding of Brunei
    International Conference on Engineering and Technology, Institut Teknologi Brunei, Brunei Darussalam, November 2014.

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